New Client Profile

East Rock Financial Services is a fee-only firm. In order to provide a high level of service, we take a limited number of clients each year. We generally only work with clients who are interested in having their assets managed by us. While we make exceptions, most new clients have significant assets outside of real estate. If we cannot take you as a client, we can refer you to an advisor we trust.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

East Rock does a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation and issues recommendations. We charge a flat fee between $3,750 and $4,750, depending on complexity. We will have a phone call with you, then give you a written quote. 

Investment Management

East Rock provides direct investment management with ongoing monitoring and re-balancing of your portfolio. Fees are 0.75% per year for the first $1 million, 0.50% for the next $9 million, and 0.30% for the balance over $10 million. Ongoing financial advice is included.